-We have in stock only what has a price next to it!

-We update our site daily!

-We ship to anywhere in the world! International Orders Are Welcome!

-Shipping And Handling on U.S. orders depends on size and weight and is usually $5-$10 per order.

-Shipping And Handling on Canadian & International orders depends on size and weight and is usually $10-$20 per order.

-We do not pay for an item or collection until we have inspected it. Once we inspect it, we send payment out asap within 24 hours.

-We have been in business since 1997 and advertise in national toy magazine publications, ebay auctions, the internet , etc. We have literally thousands of references available if needed.

-Loose Complete means the item has no packaging but is loose and complete with all accessories.

- Mint In Box (MIB) / Boxed means the item is complete in the box AND the box has all cardboard, plastic, or styrofoam packaging inserts it originally came with.

-Loose Complete 'With Box' means the toy is complete with the box but the box is missing the cardboard, plastic, or styrofoam packaging inserts.

-Sealed / MISB means the box is unopened/factory sealed.

-Carded / MOC means the action figure is still sealed/unopened on the original blister card just like it was when it was first on the toy shelves many decades ago.

-We list a paying/buying price on our site for some items we are paying, its just an average to let you know what we normally pay for items but in the end, it's your toy/toys and it's up to you as to how much you're looking to get. We are very reasonable, honest, and we pay well for high quality items.


We look forward to buying, selling, and trading with you. We have thousands of satisfied customers worldwide and we want to thank each and every one of you for your business. As a huge fan of old toys, I personally enjoy finding and selling high quality toys that help relive your childhood memories and end up in your personal toy collection.




Planet Force





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